summer skin

in your presence, i feel peace. your company was an immense gift. surfing, swimming and sexing all over the sistine stretches of nicaragua. being with you is like taking a nap at the bottom of the ocean with seahorses combing my locs and mermaids singing sweet everythings into my pores. our vacation love enlivened me back into a state of vast possibility. cooking for you was my love letter twice a day. meditating beside you was a portal to worlds ive only imagined in the deepest of sleep. sci fi slumber. waking up beside you at 5am to catch the early waves was something out of a film with no pretense. you kidnapped my summer and left the dust of sequester in my skin. the power of unexpected peace is an arresting entity. vacation marriage. never has submission been so saccharine.

No need to title

She is the most gorgeous woman I have ever loved. Her mane swells around her like the cloak of questions surrounding our conflict. We should die as freely as those follicles. We should last as long as those strands.

Two and three

There are two of you. The one I need to walk away from and the one I am splayed open with an aching to run to. 

There is the child whose porcine hands need holding, whose sepia wisps need stroking, whose eager mouth needs nourishment from breasts the size of sky.  Tender and swollen with memory.

There is the woman whose hooves rake into earth and steady themselves beside mine.  Never a fortress so beautiful built. There is the woman whose molten core pulses between pillars of thigh, each throb an invitation to sacred communion. My tongue a disciple of this esoteric wisdom. My fingers, straight jacketed patients committed to the pink, padded walls of her asylum. I miss this devotion. I am home in this thrashing.

You, the bullet and the bandage. You. The teeth and the tourniquet. The guillotine and the gauze.


Minor Omission

I forgot to tell you how often I look at that picture of you. Red, distant, searing, excruciatingly beautiful. Mars in a mini skirt.

I forgot to tell you my body escapes from my own autonomy when you’re
Chest cavity palpitations.
Epileptic hips.
The spontaneous sprouting of additional nipples.

While the rest of me has been whipped into dyskinesia, my eyes slip into possum paralysis.
Hoping you don’t notice, unable to look away,
Eyestare too long at your hair
Remembering its cascade from you to me, lava flow during our volcanic activity.

I forgot to tell you in my spacey head, our hearts have much more to say to one another…

Best line ever

He said to me “i love you. I don’t really know what that means but I do have squishy feelings for you”
And then gave me a key to his place

One and the Other


I fell asleep with you in my hair and woke up with you around my eyes. the larva we were is now a translucent chrysalis. infinitesimal galaxy of imaginal buds mapping out a stretch of vast exploration and interminable indulgence.

The other.

Blood stained hands shape the mass of our remains. Scattered frass peppers this terrarium and rot holds itself up on promise crutches. Betrayal bends over it’s back brace and soothes me with the unmistakable stench of nostalgia.
in love, comfort is a lie we tell ourselves. Air freshener to mask the smell of shit.

Ikey Owens

You are the only person in the world I can spend several hours on the phone with, several times a week ever since we first met several years ago.

Cada día doy gracias a la vida que eso todavía no ha cambiado.
Hermano mio, somos cortados con las mismas tijeras. Estas en mi sangre. Mis huesos son estampados con toda nuestra historia absurda y canciones de nuestro amor se vuelan de mis dientes cada vez que hablo.
Hasta la muerte, tu y yo.



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